donderdag 20 januari 2011

Dutch speakwords.

Yes I know my title isn't correct English. But on the way back home I had some fun in the bus. About some Dutch proverbs and sayings.

-Always is Kortjakje sick, in the middle of the week but sundays not.
-You're not allowed to look a given horse in the mouth.
-Even if a monkey wears a golden ring, it is and will be a ugly thing.
-All the craziness on a stick.
-When the cat is gone, mice dance on the table.
-Now's the monkey out of the sleeve.
-Make that the cat wise.

My mom's surname is really fun too. It's 'Donkers' witch could be easily into 'Darkness' in English.
It sounds really goth, tho: 'Erica Darkness'.

And my favourite:
-It's raining paipenstielen (Dutch word in English lol).

vrijdag 7 januari 2011

God I love my parents.

Today I feel like I'm in love. Not with some random guy, no, with my parents. My parents have two shops in one giant room: a motercycle shop for Harley Davidson and Indian and my mom's vintage shop where she sells clothing, perfume and jewelry. I didn't really care about the stores because there's most of the time nothing in it I really want. But sunday we will go to Charlston: a enourmous hall full of vintage clothing where my mom's going to buy clothes for her shop.

I'm one lucky vintage lover.

dinsdag 4 januari 2011


When I was 13 and stubborn and a hell of a riot, I started to wear my hair in very strange styles and colours. The same goes for my eyes as I wore lenses all the time. These are my hairstyles from 13 - 16.
Don't mind the text under the pics, their in Dutch. It's like a timeline.

zaterdag 1 januari 2011

2010 - highlights.

As if you didn't hear it already a million times: happy new year.
 Make 2011 your year.
I wrote something in the bedroom yesterday, it was about 2010 and which friends I had made, which crushes I've fell for and some crazy happenings. I thought sharing those happenings could bring a smile on your face, at least for a second.

The Robot party.
This party was kept in an old monastry where students can hire a room now. It's quite big there and when there is a party it is a good one. Because the flyer said the theme was 'robot' , everyone walked in with the most craziest outfits. Some people had plain kartboard boxes wrapped in alumium foil, but you also got the really creative ones that spend hours of work at their costumes. I just drew an on and off switch on my wrist and later I stole a kartboard costume from a friend. It was a really nice night out.


Atari Teenage Riot and Aux Raus.
I can't come up with the date now, but I've recently been to a concert of the Dutch electro punk band 'Aux Raus' and the German digital hardcore band 'Atari Teenage Riot'. I didn't know the last one back then and I thought it sounded as a plain dumb emoband that nobody really likes. But I've liked Aux Raus for years and when I saw them on a festival last summer I really liked it so I went to see them again. This night was stunning. Aux Raux played very good, energic and when Atari showed up I froze.
This band was no emoband that nobody likes. This was an amazing digital hardcore band with political lyrics and gnarly beats. Many people dissapeared in the moshpit and even I had my part in it, but unfortunatly I got hit by someone (not on purpose I think) and my fronth tooth hurt for almost a week and still is loose. But I will never forget this crazy, hyperactive evening full of old punkers and diehard Atari fans.

Just Once.
From october 2009 until March 2010 I got this band called 'Just Once' because we thought we would only play once. Well, it became twice and then we 'broke up'. It was short, but a great experience and I still see my old bandmates. I think about it sometimes and really miss that 'bandfeeling'.

I've been in Leiden for almost two months I think and it still got something magically. I have several friends there and every time I visit them it's one big party. I've been to the beach, great parties, had cute crushes, almost stole a bike but we chickened out, had the 'rockstar' feeling for almost the whole time, did my hair, make-up and outfit perfect even if I only had to go to the supermarket, became sick, had great laughs, met nice and friendly people, played music, got chased by the police, went to festivals, took pictures and smoked pot. I can't wait to go back, think it will be in januari but just for a weekend.


My birthday party.
I thought I would be great to held a big party this year, because I didn't really had one the year before. So I started inviting people, but one day before the party I thought just 10 people would show up because it was in the spring vacation and many of them were abroad. Well, I didn't have to think of that because there were at least 50 people in my house, drinking and dancing like maniacs.
 Friends from school, friends from meetings, friends from my old school, friends of friends, boyfriends or girlfriends of friends, music friends, friends I've met on the internet, just my friends who live in town, my bff's and back then my own boyfriend.
Some people I didn't even know, but I didn't care because everyone had fun. The mess was disgusting, the food was all gone: some people even ate peanutbutter out of the jar and some dude had a HUGE crap in the garden because I've told him to 'shit somewhere else' when I was in the shower and he asked me to go out (we only got one toilet back then and that was in the bathroom). The party ended up lasting 2 days instead of one and the day after I had my exams. That was really fucked up.