dinsdag 16 november 2010

maandag 15 november 2010

PSV - Exelsior 4-2

Just a glimp of my weekend. And why it was stunning.
Oh, and about that hideous ring: I actually like it. It's so ugly that you have to love it. Just like those hairless cats and fake fur coats. Bought it at H&M


vrijdag 12 november 2010

Hermes goes Matrix.

Don't know if I really like it, but it caught my eye.

hermes fall 2010 rtw collection

hermes fall 2010

Cute, dark hats in suit. Liked the gloves and the umbrella and reminds me of traditional England. Love Gaultier. And hell I love (faux) fur.


I just don't understand. 

I'm 17 years old, living in a crappy apartment, dreaming about becoming famous but when reality pops up I come down to earth and see that I'm far too lazy to accomplish anything. I dress weird, yet I'm interested in fashion. I am a musician, but not good enough to show myself. I like red better than green, but sometimes I wish it was otherwise. People just don't know what to think of me. They think I'm a joke.
Well here's something to laugh at: It's true, and you're part of it. I'm a reflection of yourself. 
I just don't understand.                                      

donderdag 11 november 2010


Forgot to tell ya, a couple of days ago I went to Leiden. Great party's, Leiden makes me come alive.
Took this weird Edvard Munch-ish picture.

Hoezo Edvard Munch. - Ricardo Eclipse

dinsdag 9 november 2010


You should know that I'm on my own now, living in a crappy apartment with walls thin enough for Kate Moss to walk through like a ghost. My laptop's harddisc is fried, literally. And without any internet or tv I'm forced to read books I already read. But well, at least my parents aren't there to nag about my internet-addiction, my bad behavior, messy room and things I already forgot.

Several things I didn't told you:
x I fixed my guitar
x I have great roomies

So, stay tuned and don't forget to follow me on Twitter, yeah, I'm one of those.


maandag 4 oktober 2010


Today I'm feeling hairy.

donderdag 30 september 2010


I did some photography for my project. I had a Sony Cybershot so the pictures aren't really fascinating, but I thought I could still show the best ones.


dinsdag 28 september 2010


Twelve hours of school is hell. But my photography teacher came up with Vivienne Westwoord, one designer my heart is beating for. Oh btw, lost my wallet. Hate it.

maandag 27 september 2010

Christian Siriano fall 2010.

Christian made some really nice dresses, but the shoes are looking kind of...cheap? I don't know if that's the right word for it, but I'm not really keen on them.

zondag 26 september 2010


New school, new friends and new losers. I'm in there for three weeks and I already know the drill. Losers: on stairs. Cool people: avoiding most of the others and showing off their extremely expensive laptop. Nice guys: mostly outside, smoking sigarettes and nagging about the way too heavy and not so stylish laptopbags we got. Artsy guys: all over the place. Even I do feel artsy, I already bought myself a pretty cool baret at H&M.

In case I didn't tell (and I bet I didn't), I'm on a creative designers college now, which is called Sint Lucas's school: 'designers on education' (well I said 'Sint Lucas' school for creative people that are the worse at maths* and like barets, but that sentence didn't work out very well). But well, the other one sounded better.

I learn how to design things which includes everything. The sky's the limit. I really love everything about it, even the art history classes where you aren't allowed to breathe and just have to sit still and listen for 2 hours. I have several photography projects and video-editing stuff so I'm reaaaally busy atm, even in the weekends I'm thinking about new ideas and improvements! ALL THE TIME. I deserve three extra sundays a week.

*We don't do maths here. Maths is Satan. It's the devil on your shoulder that says you have several dollars left on your bank acount, but reality tells you you're broke. No, there isn't any maths here. What we do is kindergarden calculating. 5x6. 45+17. 44-28. That's it. Sad isn't it?

Have to go, no pics today.

dinsdag 11 mei 2010


Whatever doesn’t kill you, will probably try again.

So today went better than I expected. I had a rendez-vous with an old friend. Meeting up with old friends is always really nice, so I had a lot of fun. Skipped school again. I was planning to make some pictures of me in my new outfit, but the rain screwed up my hair, make up and mood. Damn.

Anyways, these awesome shoes are designed by a friend of me. I think they're really cool, they also look very professional.

maandag 10 mei 2010


I don't need a boyfriend. I don't need a boyfriend.
It's all in my head, you know. Whenever I feel I'm losing someone, I act like I don't need them. It's pretty annoying, because it doesn't make me feel better. I think it even makes me feel worse.

So today was a pretty usual day. I woke up early, light up a sigaret while cycling to school, be in school for two hours, realise that I'm getting paranoid with all those idiots around me, and skip the next 5 classes. It happens all the time and still my parents don't notice. Or they act like they don't notice.

I spent the rest of the day on buying a guitar, meeting up with friends and weeping because my boyfriend is an ass. I'm so pissed right now, but I feel also like crying. I already know which one will overpower the other.

Because you're not mad. You want to be, but you just can't. And when you talk about him, your eyes still sparkle.